How can you be absolutely positive you won’t be disappointed by love?

Well, what if you just eliminate love from the equation? Find the ideal mate through an arranged marriage – something traditional, based on respect, shared goals and common sense. Two people with reasonable, rational expectations of a life together – what could be wrong with that? Even if it’s happening in 21st century New York….

Harry – or Harish, as his assimilated Indian parents named him – is 22, handsome, charming, and about to begin his adult life in New York City. It should be the perfect situation for a single guy, but Harry’s not taking any chances. He’s determined not to be vulnerable to a “love marriage” that will leave him bitterly divorced like his parents. To the shock of his family and friends, Harry announces that he wants a traditional arranged marriage to an eligible young woman from India.

With his old-fashioned uncle’s help, Harry eventually finds the “perfect” Indian girl and persuades his parents to accept his decision. Soon, elaborate wedding plans are underway and Harry’s American friends join him on his trip to India, where he’ll meet his bride Nita for the very first time.

But just as the marriage is imminent, Harry wonders if tradition will really help him find foolproof happiness. He asks himself if his budding friendship with Theresa, an appealing American girl, might actually suggest something deeper than friendship alone. And once he’s in India for his wedding, meeting his fiancée, surrounded by friends and family, and hoping for the security that tradition and rituals can provide, Harry starts to think that no amount of planning can make a marriage risk-proof.

With two families and two cultures watching events unfold, what will Harry do?

“When Harry Tries to Marry” is a cross-cultural romantic comedy about a guy who tries to take the risk and the romance out of marriage by going on the ultimate blind date. In the process, he learns a lot about love.

The film is directed by NAYAN PADRAI from an original script by RALPH STEIN & Padrai. Padrai, SHEETAL VYAS and RITU AHUJA produce under Padrai’s 108 Production banner; BHUSHAN THAKKAR and Ralph Stein co-produce. Ralph Stein co-produce.

RAHUL RAI plays Harry Shankar; STEFANIE ESTES portrays his American friend Theresa; and FREISHIA BOMANBEHRAM plays Harry’s Indian fiancée, Nita. OSVALDO HERNANDEZ CHAVEZ is Harry’s roommate, Louis; CAITLIN GOLD is Theresa’s roommate, Mary. TONY MIRRCANDANI plays Harry’s father, Dev; and ZENOBIA SHROFF plays his mother, Geeta. Harry’s old-world Deepak Uncle is played by KANTI PANDYA and Nita’s forbidding father, Commissioner Shah, is portrayed by MICKY MAKHIJA. Others in the supporting cast include GRANT KRETCHIK, who plays Slick Rick, a college buddy, and doubles as a game-show host; LAUREN LOGUIDICE as Dev’s pregnant girlfriend Angela; and JAGDISH PATEL as Geeta’s loyal assistant.

The film was shot by cinematographer NICK TAYLORJADE GLORIA HEALY served as production designer, CIERA WELLS as costume designer, SARAH SHARP as music supervisor and also as a featured artist on the sound track.  SIDDHARTH KASHYAP is the music composer and music producer.