4/21/11 "This ain't your dad's movie soundtrack album. The music actually feels like a component to the pic and it sounds great. Check it out." Midwest Record
4/21/11 Heroes of Indie Music
4/21/11 Wire Images - Premiere photo gallery
Wire Images gallery of premiere photos
4/26/11 AVS TV covers NY Premiere
When Harry Tries to Marry Premiere in NYC
4/20/11 Fandango (Exclusive Clip)
Web Feature: Beware of all Harry's
4/20/11 Hulu (Exclusive Clip)
Web Feature: This is Theresa
4/20/11 NY Post PopWrap (Exclusive Clip)
Web Feature: Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sari
4/19/11 The Groom Says
The Groom Says interviews Rahul Rai and Stefanie Estes
4/19/11 exclusive clip
Rahul Rai introduces the an exclusive first look at a scene clip for
4/19/11 (contest promotion)
Win a gift prize-pack with signed soundtrack and poster
4/18/11 Icon vs Icon (contest promotion)
Win: A Terrific "When Harry Tries to Marry" Prizepack
4/17/11 Little Miss Critical interviews Rahul Rai
Text InterviewVideo Interview
4/14/11 The Dakshin Times
Mangalorean Rahul Rai Plays Lead in Hollywood's 'When Harry Tries to Marry
4/14/11 Flagship Consulting
Filmbank sponsors winning crossover film "When Harry Tries to Marry"
4/16/11 The South Asian Times (see page 1, 18, 19) 
Romantic Comedy with Fresh Talent
4/14/11 Inside World Music soundtrack review
Every track is worthy of praise and recognition. If you are seeking a fun and catchy album, then try this one today.
4/14/11 Time Warner Cable
Launch of "When Harry Tries to Marry" Royal Wedding Sweepstakes by Time Warner Cable Sales
4/14/11 Gibson
Gibson Showroom Hosts When Harry Tries to Marry Music Video
4/11/11 Video Detective
"Love is Everywhere" - Soundtrack Music Video release
Interview with Nayan Padrai
4/7/11 AVS News
Indie Meets Filmi When Harry Tries to Marry soundtrack
3/30/11  AVS TV 
Completely different from any rom-com...
3/28/11 BBC Asian News Network  
Interview and Coverage of London Asian Film Festival award wins -
Nayan Padrai, Rahul Rai
3/27/11 London Asian Film Festival
When Harry Tries to Marry wins three awards
3/22/11, Comedy with Laurie
Exclusive Premiere of Soundtrack Music Video "She's the Latest One" by the June Junes
3/21/11 MSN,
Inside Look at the Holi Scene
3/17/11 iTunes Trailers
Trailer debut on iTunes Trailers
Launch of Poster - Exclusive with
11/19/10 NYTimes Video
You Talkin' to Me - Lauren LoGuidice
When Harry Tries to Marry, by public demand
6/1/10 Kodak
Cinematographers embrace new film stock
4/18/11 I AM Rouge (contest promotion)
Win: A Limited Edition When Harry Tries to Marry Movie Prize Pack Sweepstakes
4/18/11 FilmJabber (contest promotion)
Win: When Harry Tries to Marry Autographed Giveaway
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